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About Purnima

So many people of Bangladesh are severely affected by the poverty, illiteracy, vulnerable health, unemployment, pre-matured death, natural calamities such as (drought, floods and over rainfalls). Lack of capability to provide proper treatment, People are deprived of food, shelter and health. The living conditions of the youths in the country skip from the path of the peaceful life and the economy of the country is being seriously threatened. So like other NGOs, “PURNIMA” has been working to play an important role in the socio-economic development of the country beside the Government. Organizational programs.

“PURNIMA” has been working since 1980. It is registered from the Ministry of Social Welfare, (office of the Deputy Director, Khulna district, in 1981) and registered in NGO Bureau Bangladesh since 2002. It took part in social works

1). Providing flood to victims.

2). Distributing of warm clothes to poor and widows.

3). Providing books to the poor students.

4). Providing training to  helpless and distressed women to develop their skill, especially on tailoring, administering adult education

5). Health motivation and awareness building programs.

6). Rohinga support program, (Food And other basic needs supply program to Rohinga people especially to women and children’s)

7). During Ramadan, PURNIMA has been trying its best to provide balanced diet to the fasting people in urban and rural areas.

8). Awareness programs on the threats of poly ethylene Bags and PET Bottles use and their effects on environments.

9). Save the Tigers and save the World Program.

Thus, PURNIMA has been emerged as a Non profitable organization with the objectives and trying sincerely to establish itself as a development partner  organization in the country.

PURNIMA means full moon, we the members are trying to help the deprived and poor society and bring smile in their life. Like a full moon in the Dark sky.