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Climate change and resilience:

Purnima has been working climate change and resilience incorporation with the National Climate Change Action Plan to build the capacity and resilience of the community to meet the challenge of climate change. The interventions and activities of climate change and resilience are:

  1. Mobilize the resilience of the vulnerable groups, including women and children, through the development of community-level adaption, livelihood diversification, better access to basic services and social protection
  2. Develop climate change resilient cropping systems, fisheries, and livestock system to ensure local food security
  3. Implement drinking water and sanitation programs in areas at risk from climate change
  4. Develop the capacity of local government, community organization to manage natural disaster and emergency response
  5. Develop community volunteer for strengthening early warning system of floor, cyclone, and storm
  6. Repair and rehabilitate the existing infrastructure of the flood, cyclone shelter
  7. Expand social forestry Program on government and community lands throughout the community in coastal
  8. Expand the greenbelt coastal a forestation with mangrove along the shoreline
  9. Provide training and technical support to the community organization, women and youth groups on climate resilience and adaption   
  10. Advocacy, liaison, and networking.