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Purnima have been working agriculture and fisheries sectors by implementing following interventions:

  • Mobilize marginalized farmers and develop the groups
  • Provide technical and capacity building support to the farmers
  • Introducing high value, high yielding, and climate resilient crop varieties based on edaphic and climatic factors of locality
  • Introducing Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) at field level for better crop production;
  • Introducing safe crop cultivation practices (by using bio fertilizer and adopting bio control for pest management etc.)
  • Promoting season-wise diversified crop cultivation with introducing suitable cropping pattern;
  • Enhancing homestead gardening for proper land utilization, ensuring nutritional security of farming community and additional income;
  • Enhancing knowledge, skills and awareness of farmers as well as staffs of POs through training, exposure visit, motivation etc.
  • Conducting field days for effective dissemination of technology related information and effective crop production techniques.
  • Operating `Agriculture Counselling Center’ for instant solution of field level crop related problem faced by farmers.
  • Demonstration of agriculture, livestock and fisheries technology
  • Distribution of vaccines, anthelmintic and kit
  • Fish fry release and kit distribution
  • Linkage development among the farmers, service providers and markets