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When the general people of the country are taken severely by the poverty, illiteracy, vulnerable health, unemployment, pre-matured death and sufferings due to natural calamities like drought, floods and aridity over rainfalls and lack of capability to provide proper treatment, people are groping to the dark to meet up their fundamental needs like food, shelter and clothes. When the total environment becomes polluted by over-exploitation, the living conditions of the youths in the country skip from the path of the peaceful life into a dark, ignorant and the puzzled world. As a whole, the economy of the country is being seriously threatened. Like other NGOs, PURNIMA has been appeared to play an important role in the socio-economic development of the country besides the govt. organizational programs. PURNIMA has been working since 1980 for developing and promoting active citizenship among the civil society members including community people with especial emphasis to the poor, women, youth and minorities. It has got registration from the Minister of Social Welfare, office of the Deputy Director, Khulna district, in 1981 and took part itself in the social works like helping the flood victims, distributing warm clothes to the poor and the widows, providing books to the poor students and providing training to the helpless and distressed women to develop their skill, especially on tailoring, administering adult education along based on the motivation and awareness building programs. During Ramadan, PURNIMA has tried its best to provide balanced diet to the fasting people in urban and rural areas. The organization has also provided legal aid to the people those who are oppressed by the local powerful devil hands. Thus, PURNIMA has been emerged as a voluntary organization with the following objectives and tried heart and soul to establish itself as a developmental assistant organization of the country. As the meaning of PURNIMA is full moon, we the members of it are trying to enlighten brightly everywhere to decrease the deprivation rate.